Spirit of the City explores the physical and emotional response that individuals experience when navigating urban environments.

On view May 18 through September 02 in The Courtyard at A/D/O.

Uva Sotc Square Crop

The installation is a modular system of revolving mirrored columns set on a grid configuration. Through the orchestrated rotation of these columns, dynamic compositions of movement, reflection, light and shadow constantly transform the space, articulating a seemingly organic behavour that is poetically linked to New York City’s dynamic activity.

Challenging human perception, UVA aim to stir visitors towards a visceral reaction, as they move through the installation. Ultimately, the piece alludes to the mutual influence between people and the cities they live in.

Uva Sotc Square Hero 2


Meet the design team of United Visual Artists, learn about how MINI, A/D/O and UVA collaborated on Spirit of the City and about MINI's investment in the future of design.