Urban Imprint invited visitors to engage in an entirely free, visceral, and playful dialogue between their body and the space. 

A/D/O and Studio INI introduced Samaritan – a three-part series of unique dance performances within Urban Imprint that explored the human body's relationship with space and its physical surroundings.


Nassia Inglessis founded Studio INI in 2015 to challenge pre-existing ideas about the way we behave and interact with the physical and built environment that we design. Inglessis and her team take a human-centric approach to the material world, applying digital tools and new technologies to it. But rather than creating a virtual or augmented reality, the studio is pioneering what Inglessis calls an “augmented materiality”: ways to bring the material world closer to human interaction and intention.


In "Urban Imprint," the Athens- and London-based design engineer wants us to reconsider our relationship to the urban environment.

This immersive installation in Brooklyn's Greenpoint, created by designer and engineer Nassia Inglessis, features a canopy that appears to magically move up and down as visitors tread underneath.

Rather than relying on technology like sensors or lasers to trigger the movement of the installation, Inglessis explains, Urban Imprint is fully analog. Which is not to say there isn’t an important techno- logical component; indeed, Studio INI employs engineers and designers to visualize how the piece will react to its inputs.

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