Exploring the past, present and future of the office. On view through September 06. 

Spanning the period 1950-2050, Out Of Office explores how the office is evolving from an analog, hierarchical, factory-inspired center of pooled physical resources to a network of virtual and data-driven interactions, posing the question: “If the office is no longer spatial, what has it become? Where work and life are conflated, what is the relationship between the office and identity?”

Commissioned by A/D/O in line with one of our 2019 curatorial themes, Design in the New Economy, Out Of Office encompasses an exhibition, opening panel and closing workshop.


Water Cooler Talk is an on-site and interactive installation that invites the design community to share their practices and thoughts on the future of work. Work today is multi-channelled and omnipresent. Multitasking platforms layer desktop and forum and work and play…


Join the global design community on the #0ut0f0ffice Slack Workspace - a space that will encourage conversation, knowledge sharing, and more. A/D/O will also host a series of virtual programming including moderated discussions, Q&A sessions with creative leaders, and more.

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Wellness 2050

Wellness 2050 anticipates an anxious future that must restructure the very meaning of work. Synthetic projections of nature become more accessible than actual nature. Growing food and plant life indoors are a necessity. With the increasing virtuality of work and nature, spaces for escaping and unplugging from our new reality may be the new normal. Upload into the conference room of 2050, a center of wellness and the digital pastoral.


From the invention of Liquid Paper to email, innovation in tools and technology have radically transformed the office and our relationship to work. This associative timeline, with curated objects from the curious to the canonical, explores thematic connections between cultural paradigms, design, and technological innovations in work from the first Modern offices in the 1950’s to the speculative offices of the future.

Royal Typewriter Company Royal HH, 1952 

Robert Propst for Herman Miller, Prototype Action Office, Standing Deck, 1964 | Robert Propst with George Nelson for Herman Miller, Stool fro Action Office System, 1964

Acroprint Time Recorder co, Model 150NR4, Alexander Girard, Herman Miller, Diagonals Environmental Enrichment Panel, Herman Miller, 1972

Sonare Technologies, Babble, 2005

Don Chadwick & Bill Stumpf, Aeron Chair, Herman Miller, 1994

SO-IL + Knoll, FutureWork Material, 1:1 Ottoman, Formal mockup, 2017 | Ottoman, Tall Back, Plus Bench, 3D Prints, 2017

Hellyn Teng and Yuchen Zhang, WearableMedia, Glow, 2019 

IBM, ThinkPad 760, 1995 

IBM, 8" Floppy Disk, IBM 23FD (the Minnow), 1972

Eberhard Faber, "Van Dyke" typewriter eraser, model 6587, designed 1923

Simon Prebble, Newton's Cradle, 1967

Apple, Macintosh Plus, 1986

Alex Carswell, Stressball, 1988

Danger Inc., Danger Hiptop, 2002

Cher, Caitlin Blanchfield, Glen Cummings, Jaffer Kolb, Farzin Lotfi-Jam, and Leah Meisterlin, 2016

David Schick, Tap Systems, Inc, 2019


Is analog work obsolete? This curated selection of objects tracks the evolution of the office at the micro-scale of office supplies. The supply closet itself is an artifact of office culture, a vanishing node of physical office infrastructure that recalls shared community and resources. With the obsolescence of collating or doodling, do we lose pleasure and sense of productivity that comes with the tactility of work?  

These design objects⁠ – some nostalgic and all innovative⁠ – are also available to purchase from The A/D/O Shop, evoking the subversive pleasure of raiding the supply closet.


Out Of Office is curated by TORTUGA Living’s Andrea Hill with Alex Gilbert, and Soft-Firm’s Lexi Tsien and Tal Liu. The exhibition includes: graphic design by Studio TheGreenEyl; digital content by Channel Studio; contributions from Herman Miller, Nonfood, and Cher.


Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday, 9:00am - 7:00pm

Sunday, 9:00am - 5:00pm

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