Re-inventing the exclusivity of Valentine's Day with Wade and Leta.

When Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski named the Valentine's event they are collaborating on with A/D/O “A Party For All,” they really meant it. This upbeat duo wants to reinvent the holiday and transform it into a world of connections and play, for any relationship status. There are no hearts, no roses, and nothing sappy. Instead there are complementary-colored sculptures that can be climbed through, an immersive maze designed for chance encounters, and dancers in amorphous costumes. Their work and philosophy is the perfect antidote to whatever reservations you may have about Valentine’s traditions.

We wanted to bring other people into the world we want to create for ourselves. This place of optimism and approachability. Everybody should be able to have fun

“We wanted to bring other people into the world we want to create for ourselves. This place of optimism and approachability. Everybody should be able to have fun,” Wade says invitingly. 

Falling into the energetic worlds Wade and Leta create is enjoyable... and weird. Somewhere between Bauhaus, Pop Art, and Japanese Game graphics, their pieces are a visual representation of their outlook. In still lifes and jovial videos, their painted limbs, full body spandex zentai suits, and graphically bold sculptures straddle charming and bizarre. Leta describes the scenes they create out of their colorful Brooklyn-based studio as “miniature universes.” They are fantasy lands where perspective shifts. Wade elaborates: “Getting people to step outside of themselves for a moment is something we see as a powerful thing in what we do”

Hanging on their studio walls are layered explosions of foam; cut into lively shapes and contrasting pop patterns. What looks like static decorative pieces are actually wearable costumes used to create the poster images for the event. A drawer full of dozens of zentai suits, a wall of seamless backdrops in rainbow order, half a dozen basketballs; everything is set up to inspire wonder and discovery. While visiting their studio, they excitedly shared sources of some of their inspiration: a book of radical and joyful architecture of Arakawa and Gins, recent anime they are enjoying, and tales of their travels in Japan. A curiosity and lightness emanates from them.

As a married couple who are also collaborators, partnership is key to Wade and Leta’s practice. They typically do all their own manufacturing, graphics, styling, and photography. It is clear from their quirky humor, their caring patience, and the hopeful quality of their work, that they have figured out something rare. Living and working together, they have become experts on relationships, and not just romantic ones. A large part of their practice is lecturing and leading workshops on their ethos of honesty, openness, and techniques for collaboration between partners, strangers, and groups. 

A Party For All is a manifestation of their ethos that welcomes openness, changes points-of-view, and explores the definition of partnership. Leta describes their approach as “trying to turn things on their head and shift your perspective” with an emphasis on exercising mind and body “to maintain energy, childlike wonder and bewilderment with your surroundings.” Come dance, explore, and meet new people. Everyone is invited! 

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