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Tunica: A Connection of Like Minds.

The multi-disciplinary creative agency prepares a new issue of its magazine.

Tunica is a cross-disciplinary creative studio based in New York, with satellite offices in Barcelona, Berlin, Mexico City, Paris, Seoul and Los Angeles — a global community of contributors bringing together diverse perspectives on design, music and visual culture. They will partner with A/D/O to produce the sixth issue of their self-titled magazine in the Workspace.

The biannual publication features interviews with such diverse talents as kaleidoscopic filmmaker Gaspar Noé, multimedia artist Rafaël Rozendaal, and architect-sculptor Robert Stadler; and essays on subjects like suburba through the lens of Dan Graham and Denise Scott Brown. The magazine also includes portfolios of work by emerging artists and photographers; these have often accompanied pop-up exhibitions. At NADA New York, in March, they exhibited Baltimore-based Daniel Wickerham & Malcolm Lomax alongside Slovenian designers Dan Adlešič and Nejc Prah.

Among their other productions, Tunica also produces limited-edition clothing and jewelry, the latter of which they intend to develop using the prototyping tools available in the Workspace. This rippling cascade of venues and projects are united under the umbrella name Tunica, which, as the editors wrote in the second issue of the magazine, is both "a garment," and "a membrane": combining "various talents, disciplines, sharing ideas and styles." For each issue, art direction duties are shared with like-minded designers — the second issue was done with Folch Studio. This is just another aspect of the blending, which, as they put it, is "in continuous mutation ... changing the scenery, not the essence."

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