A/D/O by MINI | The Making of “And Benches…” by MOS Architects.



The Making of “And Benches…” by MOS Architects.

MOS Architects, the award-winning New York–based multidisciplinary design practice led by Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample, created their project “And Benches, Platforms, Partitions, Shelving, Activity Books, Uniforms” as a response to the first season of The Design Academy at A/D/O — “Utopia vs. Dystopia.”

Utopia vs. Dystopia is an investigation of how designers guide society through disruptive change — the installation may be imagined as either the assorted rubble of a ruin, or an assemblage of parts still coming together.

The installation is situated in the center of the A/D/O atrium and consists of 40 perforated aluminum modules fabricated by MOS Architects. Each bench-like module is constructed from reconfigurable sets of horizontal and vertical supports. Collectively, the units form an ever-changing, flexible system that allows for adaptable functionality. The modules may be stacked to create shelves, assembled into a display platform or stage, tiered into stepped seating, or may stand alone as individual units or adopt a number of other configurations.

With the exception of two gold modules, each unit displays No. 8 mirrored finish that casts reflections of the surrounding environment. Each bench measures 16 5/8" high by 100" long by 16 3/4" wide when assembled. Interested in the concept of “soft architecture,” MOS Architects considers “And Benches, Platforms, Partitions, Shelving, Activity Books, Uniforms” to be a productive intervention within its environment, a flexible stage as opposed to a spectacle. In this sense, the work mirrors the philosophy of A/D/O.

“And Benches, Platforms, Partitions, Shelving, Activity Books, Uniforms” is accessible to the general public during regular hours of A/D/O.

MOS Architects is a New York–based architecture studio, founded by principals Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample in 2005. An internationally recognized architecture practice, MOS Architects was the recipient of the 2015 Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum National Design Award in Architecture, the 2010 American Academy of Arts and Letters Architecture Award and the 2008 Architectural League of New York Emerging Voices Award. Publications include Everything All at Once: The Software, Film, and Architecture of MOS (Princeton Architectural Press, 2013); MOS: Selected Works (Princeton Architectural Press, 2016); El Croquis No. 184 (El Croquis, 2016); A Situation Constructed From Loose and Overlapping Social and Architectural Aggregates (AADR, 2016); and An Incomplete Encyclopedia of Scale Figures Without Architecture.

Designer Credits: Hilary Sample, Paul Ruppert, John Yurchyk, Michael Abel, Mark Acciari, Nile Greenberg, Zosia Nowakowska, Fancheng Fei, Andrew Frame.

Photography by Ari Joseph, Haley Kattner Allen, and Sam Nixon.

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