The A/D/O Podcast - Episode 11

Say A Little Prayer

What is beyond the possibility of calculation, measurement and imitation? For some, it is religion. That being or spirit that is ever-present, serving as a guide through life. But how does our vision and belief of what we can’t see become actualized through Maslow’s law? 

For our last episode of Homo Sapiens, I Hear You- we’re unraveling the sublime with experiential designer Zach Lieberman, architect Zahid Ajam and Pastor Russell Joyce of Hope Church in Brooklyn and social researcher Suzanne Schneider, this is Ch 11: Say A Little Prayer. 

This podcast is part of Homo Sapiens, I Hear You - a yearlong workshop based on reinterpreting and reimagining man's essential needs.

Produced By: Hasan Insane
Executive Producer/Host: Elle Clay