A/D/O | The A/D/O Podcast - Episode 07

The A/D/O Podcast - Episode 07

Why so curious?

Well, we were born that way. Humans are the most curious species- far beyond what is necessary for survival.

In Episode 7 of The A/D/O Podcast, Elle unpacks what the zest for knowledge can lead to. Her first stop is science, with Comparative Anatomist and Paleontologist at NYIT, Dr. Julia Molinar and Research Scientist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Julie Arslanoglu. Along the way, she encounters magician, Matthew Holtzclaw for a quick magic tutorial. Finally, her journey ends in a Syrian Refugee camp, with virtual reality expert and the first Creative Director at the United Nations, Gabo Arora.

This podcast is part of Homo Sapiens, I Hear You - a yearlong workshop based on reinterpreting and reimagining man's essential needs.

Produced By: Hasan Insane 

Executive Producer/Host: Elle Clay