Sun and Night Tapestries.

By Aya Kawabata.

In this project, Aya Kawabata pursues the aesthetics of abstraction and creates ambiguity in the form of the object. 

Jacquard weaving plays with color effects, creating the surface impression of tiny, three-dimensional structures. These graphical textiles can transform any wall or surface, subtly changing a whole environment.

The shop at A/D/O aims to actively explore the full range of qualities that lie in great product design. The assortment juxtaposes classics, inspiring work from newcomers, inventive directions in technology and aesthetics, and often-underappreciated everyday objects that challenge the definition of “good design.” The shop also stocks books and magazines, vinyl, apparel, jewelry and studio supplies.

Merchandise rotates in conjunction with the A/D/O calendar, referencing the themes being discussed and debated at The Design Academy.

Photography by Sam Nixon.

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