Philippe Malouin

Separating Spaces

Philippe Malouin, award-winning multidisciplinary designer, has adorned some of the world’s most prominent interiors and showrooms across the globe with his trademark minimal and conceptual aesthetic. 

Canadian-born Philippe’s simplistic yet essentialist approach to utility and style masks his complex understanding of conceptual design, inviting us to experience space, both public and private, and discover our surroundings in new ways.

This fascination with space as a conceptual tool to create, offers endless possibility for the designer, as he himself claims it is all rooted in a basic passion and natural intuition to ‘make’ in order to push the most progressive and awe-inspiring design ideals. 

From project to project, you may come into his work through his commissions with brands such as SCP, Kvadrat and Aesop, or stumble across his more experimental projects like his sculpture installation or the collaboration with Hem where he was invited to create a series of room dividers – equal measure both art and design theory.

Film by Frederick & Edward Paginton in partnership with A/D/O.