In honor of UN World Environment Day and World Ocean Day, Ian Montgomery, Brooklyn-based member of the Precious Plastics Community,  led a day-long plastic recycling workshop outside of A/D/O. Using his plastic injection molder, Ian worked with guests to shred and remold recycled plastic from the neighborhood into tiles.

The idea behind the tiles: A lot of plastic waste washes up on our beaches, and these tiles could be a way to design a low-cost waterproof siding for temporary structures along the coast. The workshop provided a tangible experience for everyone to come to terms with both their role in the plastic waste problem, as well as their agency in designing for more intelligent uses of plastic. The workshop took place on June 9.


Ian Montgomery pursues design from an interest in sustainable materials. Originally trained as an environmental scientist, Ian has held design positions at Chubbies and Areaware. He recently completed his master's thesis on sustainable packaging at Pratt, during which he built a series of the Precious Plastic Machines in order to explore design and educational opportunities for waste plastic packaging.


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