MT Objects.


Developed by DFC creators Tony Moxham and Mauricio Paniagua, MT Objects is a line of ceramic vessels inspired by contemporary forms and pre-Hispanic references.

MT’s inaugural collection takes its surreal shapes from the Ceiba tree, a spiky varietal exalted by the Maya for its “connection between spiritual levels from hell to heaven.” MT Objects include a funeral urn, a pair of candelabras, and vases. 

DFC is a Mexico City-based design label that creates 100% handmade, postmodern design objects with the most distinguished Mexican artisans and artists. DFC designs combine a vision of Pre-Columbian life and design with references to contemporary and modern art, pop culture, sex, science fiction and modern savagery.

The shop at A/D/O aims to actively explore the full range of qualities that lie in great product design. The assortment juxtaposes classics, inspiring work from newcomers, inventive directions in technology and aesthetics, and often-underappreciated everyday objects that challenge the definition of “good design.” The shop also stocks books and magazines, records, apparel, jewelry and studio supplies.

Merchandise rotates in conjunction with the A/D/O calendar, referencing the themes being discussed and debated at The Design Academy.

Photography by Sam Nixon.

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