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It's Nice That × A/D/O Present The Graduates 2017.

On October 3, It's Nice That and A/D/O will present a series of talks tracing young designers' career arcs from "starting out" to "making it." Featuring two of this year's The Graduates 2017 along with two more established designers reaching new creative heights, it promises to be a New York mirror to London's Nicer Tuesdays – a staple of the UK design community. The two young designers were chosen from a shortlist of eleven top design students from across the UK. See the full list here.

Ben Hutchings, The Graduates 2017: Graphic Design

A graduate of Central St Martins, Hutchings already has a distinctive recombinative aesthetic, in works like Processes of Translation and packaging for pasta, in which systems of typographic and geometric patterns are overlaid and find tension and emphasis through patterns of node-points.

Katy Wang, The Graduates 2017: Animation

Perhaps it is appropriate that the two Graduates visiting A/D/O this year has projects involving space journeys – even if the skip across the Atlantic is not quite interplanetary. Katy Wang, a graduate of Kingston University, was awarded on the strength of Contact, her short film furnished with textural pastel rocket hardware and fluffy space suits, capturing the depth of isolation inspired by a long-distance relationship.

Anna Kulachek

Anna Kulachek is the art director of the Strelka Institute, a Moscow NGO focused on urban research and education – and publisher of books by Metahaven, Eyal and Ines Weizman, Alexandra Lange, and Justin McGuirk. Her collateral for Prague School of Design and Studio Murano were featured in Logograma – an anthology of dynamic identity systems. Kulachek's poster program for Strelka often distort typographical systems and graphic hierarchies, achieving a constantly character that, though constantly shifting, is identifiable by its rhythms of interruption.

Braulio Amado

Like Kulachek, Braulio Amado is a known force among poster-design followers. His evolving series for the Greenpoint venue Good Room largely makes up his collection, 2016. Spontaneous and egregious, his free flowing illustrations often employ a range of contradictory energies that are  identifiable despite their lack any constant devices.  

The Graduates will present on October 3, from 7pm. Packs of postcards will be available featuring their works. Each presentation will last ten minutes, with an intermission at the halfway point. 


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