A/D/O by MINI | Introducing The Shop at A/D/O.


Introducing The Shop at A/D/O.

Within its 23,000 square-foot space, A/D/O is home to a design store that serves as a source of inspiration and a platform to its design community. The shop at A/D/O offers a unique assortment of iconic designs, future classics and tools for creative work. It also acts as a showcase for exceptional, limited-edition products from the community’s own residents and curatorial collaborators.


The shop at A/D/O aims to explore the full range of qualities that lie in great product design. Bringing together work from newcomers, inventive directions in technology and aesthetics, and often-underappreciated everyday objects that challenge the definition of “good design,” the shop also stocks design magazines, records, apparel, jewelry and studio supplies.

Merchandise will rotate in conjunction with the A/D/O calendar, referencing the themes being discussed and debated at The Design Academy. Highlights of the opening assortment include design tools and supplies, graphic tapestries by Aya Kawabata, handbuilt analog turntables by Rega, stackable stools by Visibility for Matter, handmade architectural sculptures by Chisel & Mouse, handblown glassware by Samantha Sweet, ceramics by lauded Mexican designers DFC, Hauteville concrete rockers, Bluetooth technology from B&O play, a homeware collection by Prin and a custom-built bicycle from Mission Bicycle.

The MINI Fluid Fashion Capsule Collection is currently an exclusive offer, a line of limited-edition sweatshirts designed in collaboration with five young, emerging labels – Hien Le, Études Studio, Agi & Sam, Sankuanz and Sunnei. The shop at A/D/O will be the line’s only brick-and-mortar stockist in the United States.

Thanks to its close connection with URBAN-X, a startup accelerator founded by MINI and SOSV, the shop at A/D/O is also a unique destination for short-term showcases of new products from its network of affiliate companies. The launch assortment for the shop at A/D/O will include a quick-fold motorized bike by Brooklyness, an Urban-X company.


Flexible in its capacity for merchandising, the store features modular blocks with large industrial wheels, a perforated steel decking detail and red enamel accents that draw inspiration from the building’s original system of pipes and sprinklers.

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