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Introducing Huy Bui Studio.

A Workspace Introductory Member.

To launch the Workspace at A/D/O, we have selected five design studios to working in different disciplines to test the limits of our fabrication studio. 

Huy Bui has a practice rooted in environmental design, which informs his approach to his current project, in which he builds modular units that stack and suspend in space and host an interconnected world of weaving ecosystems. The units come in a variety of scales and mediums, bridging disciplines from industrial design, furniture design, and interiors with architecture and urban design. Designed to inhabit home, retail, work, public, and gallery spaces, they modular units inspire and provoke questions about the ecology of our daily lives.


GRID / TOPO is a modular system based off of Plant-in City, a collaboration between architects, designers, and technologists who are building new ways of interacting with nature. Our 21st century sculptural terrariums combine modular architecture, basic laws of physics, embedded technologies, and mobile computing to construct a “Plant City” where the aesthetic meets the pragmatic. 

The next iteration of Plant-in City revolves around the topic of the Anthropocene, a new geological epoch where man has the largest impact on global ecology. 

The question that follows is: “how does design integrate elements of geological systems into design?” This project explores that and experiments with the flow and movement of water and earth (sand, sediment) in an urban context. This anti-architectural exploration integrates the grid and the land into a modular unit.

The modules are to be seen as mega-land structures stacked and suspended in space. They work independently and can integrate, or plug into a larger system. The three-month membership period will be an exciting phase of research, drawing, proto-typing, testing and finally installation. At the end of the residency, a working model will be exhibited at the Workspace.

The Workspace at A/D/O is a design environment that provides an array of resources to working designers. A variety of membership levels provide access to dedicated desks, a fabrication lab, project storage and connection to a network of potential collaborators, mentors and production partners.

A/D/O and the Workspace team provide a complete environment for maximizing a designer’s creative time and a flexible platform to advance projects and careers.

Images courtesy of Huy Bui Studio.

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