A/D/O by MINI | Introducing Common Sense.


Introducing Common Sense.

The A/D/O Design Academy's Second Season.

The second season of the Design Academy at A/D/O will investigate design’s ability to augment and recalibrate the senses. As the physical qualities of the made world have become obscured by an accretion of the virtual — and as the virtual becomes compellingly tactile — we consider how radical re-imaginings of our environment could fundamentally alter our perception. Can new developments in form rearrange our relationship to everyday objects? Might emerging technologies offer ways to renew the immediacy of our experience? What can be done to reverse tendencies toward over-stimulation and distraction, to find a common ground in a rapidly-changing world?

An installation by design studio PlayLab will challenge the limits of our perception, while speakers including Chandler Burr (the New York Times' perfume critic) and Bompas & Parr (the minds behind the breathable cocktail) will undermine expectations of what forms exhibitions — or products — might take. With an audacious program of workshops and interventions, "Common Sense" will consider how designers can affect our experience of the “now” — and what that might mean for the future.


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