A/D/O by MINI | The A/D/O Podcast - Episode 02


The A/D/O Podcast - Episode 02

The Last Supper.

The future of food is highly designed. If food is family, where does that leave heritage? Can sustainability and food rituals co-exist?

In Chapter 2, Elle delves into the future of food with A Potluck Dinner. Like any good dinner party, guests arrive ready to share more than signature dishes.

Faux Real Theatre founder, Mark Greenfield and master distiller, Kevin Herson provide a trip to the past with historical libations. As they feast, Elle reconciles her concerns with cultural anthropologist Jillian Cavanaugh, MOLD magazine editor, LinYee Yuan and designer/artist Dr. Daisy Ginsberg. 

This podcast is part of Homo Sapiens, I Hear You - a yearlong workshop based on reinterpreting and reimagining man's essential needs.

Produced By: Hasan Insane 

Executive Producer: Elle Clay

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