The designer’s free-flowing Risograph diary.

"One a day. The same size paper. Ink." These were the basic parameters of David Addison's IN & OUCH, a series of diary drawings that are compiled into a portfolio published by A/D/O. At turns wry, sardonic, playful, they swing between abstract and figurative forms but are unified by a deceptive simplicity embodied in the quality of his line, and their undulations across the layers of color separation.

As international Workspace resident this summer, Addison plied to the theme by producing the drawings entirely by hand—without any digital mediation—creating the daily iterations in the native mode of the Risograph printer (which works something like a silkscreen matrix and a photocopier).

As Linda Green wrote of the project, "Counter to the myth of spontaneous creative genius, ritual and restraint provide freedom from the critical mind and allow an imaginative automatism to take root. The punch in Addison’s drawings derive from their pithiness. They are brave because they are succinct, and succinct because they are the result of ritual. Within the borders of the page, Addison cultivates a personal logic—an uncommon common sense."

An installation of floor drawings by David Addison will accompany the publication of the boxed set, on view through October 6. A reception for the opening will be held September 29, from 7-9pm. RSVP here.