A/D/O by MINI | Constructing MOS Architect's "And Benches..."



Constructing MOS Architect's "And Benches..."

MOS Architects', “And Benches, Platforms, Partitions, Shelving, Activity Books, Uniforms” takes an interdisciplinary approach to design that incorporates furniture design, architecture, and fashion design in addition to performance.

The modular "benches" are transformed into both orderly and disorderly arrangements by assistants outfitted in metallic uniforms reminiscent of lab coats. 

Designer Credits: Hilary Sample, Paul Ruppert, John Yurchyk, Michael Abel, Mark Acciari, Nile Greenberg, Zosia Nowakowska, Fancheng Fei, Andrew Frame.

Photography by Michael Vehrenwald courtesy of MOS Architects.

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