As an essay into the strange concordances between architecture and literature, Workspace Members A:LOG invited writers to contribute backstories for their "scale models" — the anonymous figures designed to demonstrate proportions in renderings of proposed buildings.

(Mixed in are some other "typical items" that might appear in a smaller design, for furniture or an interior.) A:LOG, which produces specialized grid notebooks for architects, presented these scalies' short stories in a miniature edition befitting their scale-model stature.

Nels would like love everyone in this room to know that after twenty-five years, he has successfully grown out his bangs to the length of the rest of his hair, thus achieving this perfect bowl shape.  Does he look good?

After careful consideration, he is going to go with “Yes.”  

Four days ago on the train, Trey fell out of his seat while the Q train was making a turn, and a super cute guy caught him. Literally, in his arms, like a romantic comedy. They shared extra long eye-contact, not to mention a shoulder rub, the works. Afterwards Trey, who, let’s be honest, has been striking out on the apps, was so flustered he read a single paragraph in his book about five times. It kills him that he didn’t even ask the guy for his name! And now it’s been three weeks and he’s been scouring missed connections every day and there’s nothing! Nothing.

Fang created herself from some confidence, a good hair stylist and about a half a million dollars, which if you really think about it, isn't even all that much. Because her career blew up and now you can see her on magazines, teaching at universities, speaking in weird accents, sitting in her ever-expanding gallery empire curating her friends and her parents are proud of her.

It is always beanie season.

Clark had no idea that he was going to pummel his way through the love affair straight into his first grown-up heartbreak. Oh, he was going to take a while to recover from this one. They adopted a puppy together even! It is one thing to say “I love you” and not mean it, but another altogether to lie to the puppy!

How come some of us are so sneaky looking?

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