In less than 100 years we have polluted all of our oceans with plastic - 270,000 metric tons from 5.25 Trillion pieces. Scientists estimate plastic is entering our oceans globally at the rate of a garbage truck a minute, which unchecked would result in more plastic in the ocean, pound for pound, than fish by 2050.

A/D/O Workspace Member, designer and sustainable products activist, Barent Roth led a 2 hour workshop that focused on, an Anthropocene.Design project empowering citizen scientists around the world to track and together prevent marine pollution. The workshop began with a visual presentation from designer and sustainable products activist, Barent Roth on the state of ocean pollution, which was followed by an interactive assembly of a Re3DP Trawl made in the Workspace at A/D/O. Once the trawls were assembled, we walked to The East River Pier in Williamsburg to test for pollution along the East River. After Trawling, we discussed our findings back at A/D/O.

This event was part of an ongoing series of events, lectures and workshops for The A/D/O #WaterFutures Research Program - a yearlong investment challenging designers to research, concept and ideate scalable solutions to the global drinking water crisis.

About the Artist:  Barent Roth is a designer, educator, activist dedicated to sustainable products, practices, and services. Co-founder of the award-winning sustainable to restorative design firm grow-design, creator of the LA Green Drinks network, and former Executive Director of, he is currently launching a new non-profit design consultancy, Anthropocene.Design while teaching sustainable design courses at Parsons, The New School. Anthropocene.Design will be a new NGO employing Circular Economy design principles to create restorative products, services and systems for the Anthropocene Age.  His BikeShare Helmet won a Cradle to Cradle Design Competition for Best Professional Design and he founded, a global design collaboration aggregating DIY Trawls, empowering citizen scientists to track and together prevent local marine pollution.

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