Maria Elena Pombo, founder of Brooklyn-based natural dyeing studio Fragmentario, held a workshop in which participants experimented with a variety of water samples from around the world to explore how different characteristics, like alkalinity and mineral content, affect the hues obtained from avocado seeds. Each participant received fabric samples to experiment with and a zine with information about natural dyes and water quality. 

Through this alternative way to explore water quality, participants engaged in different conversations regarding pollution and how seemingly innocuous substances can have harmful effects when present in high concentrations.

Fragmentario's new collection Rosa Teraqueo was also presented at A/D/O on Friday, 9/28. Learn more here.

This event was part of an ongoing series of events, lectures and workshops for The A/D/O #WaterFutures Research Program - a yearlong investment challenging designers to research, concept and ideate scalable solutions to the global drinking water crisis.