Glow Up is a labyrinth of light installations by six emerging designers of In Good Company, a non-profit design platform. 

Each designer was challenged and commissioned to craft sculptures and chandeliers that interpret the concept of light in its many forms, the various ways that we interact with those forms, and the emotion we feel within those interactions. 

Visitors navigating Glow Up are encouraged to look up to discover moments of warmth, and to look inward for moments of reflection. 

Amanda Richards

Pearl Pendants

The designer collected discarded, antique metal objects that were melted down to adorn the handmade light fixtures. The process repurposes intimate heirlooms into ornamental, yet functional design, giving the found trinkets new life. The unique chandelier, composed of three pearl pendants, exudes a warm glow of sentimentality.

Nick Missel

Moon Wrap

Moon Wrap is inspired by the sight of the moon through a haze of fog or pollution. The exterior of the piece is an amorphous form that invites viewers to question their warped perception of nature, while the underside of the piece, cast in reflective chrome, asks them to contest with their involvement in the very mechanizations that warp it.

Marco Piscitelli


On-Edge references two of the many ubiquitous and overlooked elements of our streetscapes: the bollard and the floodlight. Rather than lighting itself, the piece relies on ambient light around it, reflecting off its fluted hi-vis and metallic surfaces. On-Edge concentrates all its light downward, brightly illuminating people below and, as a byproduct of its incandescent bulbs, creating a warm microclimate on winter nights.

Bailey Fontaine


Inspired by the ominous yet cartoon-like design of a rat trap, the designer constructed a large-scale installation that comments on selfie culture. The lit acrylic sphere lures viewers closer in to better see themselves in the gold mirror-clad underside. RATTRAP exposes its sultry, golden surface to entice photos, while its spiked surface remains hidden from selfie-takers.

Gregory Beson

Salt / Light / Copper Triad

Time can be measured by various means, like the passing of day into evening or of one season into the next. Salt / Light / Copper Triad measures time using the low arc of the sun and the characteristics of extended evenings during the winter season. Over the course of the exhibition, the piece will decompose in acknowledgement of the cycle of light and life.


Dis Truss Chandelier

Dis Truss Chandelier evokes the abject moment that occurs when industrial forms and materials appear out of context. The wilting of a commercial lighting truss over an I-beam, fluorescent light bars freed from their fixtures, and glowing xenon headlights emanating from within, create an opportunity for the viewer to reconsider the means of production as a revolutionary act.


Founded by Fernando Mastrangelo, In Good Company is a non-profit organization that honors creativity and the spirit of the avant-garde by providing a platform for emerging artists and designers to exhibit work without commercial or creative restraints.

In Good Company seeks to democratize the design industry by accepting exhibition applicants of any age and experience level and providing them with resources to help foster their artistic careers. 




Kris Ghadry
Mika Rosique
Benjamin Hochfelder


Anne Laure Pingreoun 
Nathan Poekert
Jean-Michelle Lopez

Photography by Daniel Seung Lee

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