June's Workspace Exhibition features large-scale sculpture work by Member, Shawna X, in her new series “F Your Manners.” On view at A/D/O from June 8th - June 29th.


Having been embarrassed by her parent’s eating manners, Shawna X found inspiration for her series when she began wondering why: Why is it rude to slurp noodles, when slurping is the way to savor the flavor? Why is eating with our hands a faux pas? Why don’t we eat every part of an animal? Why did she feel embarrassment in the first place? F Your Manners is a renewed appreciation of etiquettes that have been deemed impolite by the Western Gaze, yet openly accepted by the Other. In a time and space when 'diversity' has nearly become a commodity, this body of work asks you, the viewer, to evaluate your conditioned mentality. 


Shawna X is an independent artist & visual director, working with various mediums across digital, spatial and motion spaces. She is known for her graphic and vibrant aesthetic, evoking energy, seduction, and a morbid curiosity. Beyond her commercial collaborations with brands such as Adidas, Adobe and Ghostly International, she works on various personal projects regarding cultural identity and gender, and sometimes teaches at Parsons School for Design.

June 08, 2018
9:00 am — 7:00 pm

Open during regular Atrium hours.

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