TRADE YOUR HERO FOR MINE. Presented by Elena Parasco x Victory Journal.

For the first time in history, a sports trading card series is shot by women, designed by women, using typefaces created by women, and features: women. Celebrate the first in-store release of TRADE YOUR HERO FOR MINE, a limited edition trading card series that tells the story of Mexico’s National Women’s Ice Hockey Team.

The A/D/O Shop hosted a special event for TRADE YOUR HERO FOR MINE (featured in i-D MagazineBleacher Report, i-D Mexico, and Victory Journal) with Director Elena Parasco and the creative team behind the cards. Parasco discussed the project and presented a short film. 

The limited edition cards come in both Spanish and English and proceeds go to supporting the team in making it to the 2022 Winter Olympics. The latest issue of Victory Journal and limited run long sleeve shirts were on sale at The A/D/O Supermarket. TRADE YOUR HERO FOR MINE will be exclusively available in-store at The A/D/O Shop through January 2019.


In a country where ice rinks are expensive and rare, playing ice hockey has all the odds against you, especially as a woman. Yet this team defeated the Men’s National Hockey team in a huge upset, won the 2017 World Championship in Iceland (II B), dealt with adversity in continuing their training after the devastating 2017 earthquakes, and made their country’s history by being Mexico's first women’s sports team to advance to the second round of the 2018 Winter Olympic tryouts. Selección Femenil Mexicana de Hockey is now the highest ranked National female sports team in Mexico, and yet people barely know this team exists.

TRADE YOUR HERO FOR MINE focuses on liberating the portrayal of the female athlete from the millennium of male-dominated visual sport language. Shot in the female gaze, and instead of stats and championships, emotive language tells the team’s story from the player’s own voice. Revealing relatable, funny, and badass anecdotes of beating the boys, giving up everything to join the team and fund their tournaments, the growing sisterhood of the team, and the undeniable influence of their country's spirit.

TRADE YOUR HERO FOR MINE brings sport trading cards into a modern, female-led vernacular. Composing a new guard of printed athletic role models. Placing the story of powerful female heroes into our front pocket.


“Elena Parasco is a young director who has dedicated her cinematographic work to putting feminine power and teamwork in front of her lens. Whether creating poetic images of the New York City Ballet for T-Magazine, showing the girls from the Chinatown basketball team downtowngirlsbball for i-D, or tackling inequality issues from the point of view of migrants, feminists and athletes in Locker Room Talk for Nike, the director based in New York does not lose the opportunity to use her platform and talent to publicize the unheard voices.” - i-D Magazine

December 15, 2018
4:00 pm — 7:00 pm
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