Scent of an Idea. A Workshop & Conceptual Cocktail Party.

On April 12, A/D/O and UMAMI Projects hosted sensorial savants Emilie Baltz and Brian Quinn to lead a storytelling workshop focused on the sense of smell. Part masterclass and part conceptual cocktail party, we stretched our olfactory muscles through a series of delicious and avant-garde exercises that develop one’s ability to smell better, expand creativity, and communicate with your nose in stimulating and new ways.

Participants learned the basics of building a scent, how to develop an olfactory vocabulary, and why smelling is one of our most powerful senses. Everyone built their own scent identity by the end of the workshop and used these identities to design a personalized specialty cocktail, spice mixture and edible bouquet onsite for devouring (and sharing!) with each other.

April 12, 2019
- April 12, 2019

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