Out Of Office Opening Panel and Party

The Future of Work: Evolving the 9-5

Out Of Office opened on the evening of July 18 with a panel discussion on the future of work from the perspective of design, culture and technology. Panelists included Florian Idenburg, co-founder of architectural design firm SO-IL. Dan Taeyoung, designer, technologist, cooperative & community organizer, and Kate Thatcher, Principal at Architecture Plus Information (A+I). Moderated by Joseph White, Director of Workplace Strategy, Design, & Management at Herman Miller.

Out Of Office is a site-specific and interactive exhibition created in partnership with TORTUGA Living, Soft-Firm, and Alex Gilbert. On view at A/D/O from July 18 through September 06, 2019. 

The exhibition includes: graphic design by Studio TheGreenEyl; digital content by Channel Studio; contributions from Herman Miller, Nonfood and Cher.

Learn more: a-d-o.com/out-of-office

July 18, 2019
7:00 pm — 9:30 pm
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