Made by Choice presents The Kolho and Sieni Collection

The A/D/O Shop hosts a preview for the new Kolho and Seini collection from award-winning, Finnish design house and manufacturer, Made by Choice.

Meet the designers and founders in store while enjoying complimentary refreshments.

About Made by Choice

Made by Choice is an award-winning design house establishing a global brand for the 21st century, famous for their in-house manufactured wood furniture. The vision of Choice is based on the added value of collective creation while promoting sustainable Nordic values through authentic design. In working with American designers like Matthew Day Jackson and Michael Yarinsky, Made by Choice hopes to merge the traditional craft and heritage of Finnish furniture making with conceptual ideas of material, form, and atmosphere.

Sieni by Michael Yarinsky

Sieni, meaning mushroom in Finnish, is a collection of furnishings for flexible use in the home, office, or hospitality setting. The forms in the series allude to fungal structures - stems, hypha, caps, and gills. We invite the pieces to take root in space and spread their atmosphere. Curiously soft and hard at the same moment, the pieces beg you to be handled.

Kolho by Matthew Day Jackson

Kolho is a series of tables and chairs formed of right angles and serpentine forms. It is inspired by Apollo landing and a small town called Kolho in Finland. The serpent represents temptation and chaos which supports the flat plane of reason. The space between Reason and Chaos is that of PLAY. This is the space where our human animal truly shows its greatest self.


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February 12, 2020
6:00 pm — 9:00 pm
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