LikeMindedObjects founder Elise McMahon led a denim bleaching workshops at The A/D/O Shop on Saturday, August 3 and Sunday, August 4. The workshop celebrates the launch of LikeMindedObjects x The A/D/O Shop, featuring a unique collection of bleached denim furniture, pillows, accessories and clothing made by LMO with recycled materials as a core resource.

About LikeMindedObjects (LMO)

LikeMindedObjects is the design studio of artist designer Elise McMahon. LMO primarily creates furniture, homegoods, interiors, and accessories. Whenever possible we use recycled material as a core resource in our design process, designing around the material instead of expecting it to work exactly like something we would find from the hardware store or upholstery supplier. In relation to the aesthetic qualities we love to explore, creating objects that add energy to our daily lives through playful visuals alongside perfectly functional structures. Comfortable objects that also tickle our interest in sculpture and performance, as I feel that when we insert  "unusual" accessories (clothing, furniture, food) into lifestyles we can make life feel as potent as existing within a performance or art installation, all of a sudden our "normal" daily activities feel beautiful and elevated.

Bleaching & Sustainability

The bleaching practice came out of explorations Elise has been pursuing around fast fashion waste and the reuse of 2nd hand textiles for new product development. She works with a group in Ghana called the Kokrobitey Institute, alongside education programs happening at the institute, they design products using trash materials as a way to troubleshoot and recycle the excess materials that are being shipped from the west to more vulnerable countries, like Ghana & others in West Africa & abroad. Bleaching fabric is one way they wanted to reimagine and add value to otherwise discarded materials, while this collaboration continues Elise spend most of the year at her studio and store in Hudson New York so she brought this practice back to her studio in New York to continue to explore contemporary furniture design. Working in NYC also allows Elise to consider how LMO could be using discarded materials BEFORE they make the trek over to these vulnerable countries.

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August 03, 2019
11:00 am — 5:30 pm
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