Fluid Territories: A Proposal by Giuditta Vendrame

A/D/O by MINI Researcher-in-Residence Giuditta Vendrame presented her past work along with a new proposal for Cycle 1 of At The Border, a research program at A/D/O. 

On political maps, borders are depicted as solid lines that reflect the physical and legal devices designed to define territories and regulate the movement of bodies. These borders are often illustrated on solid land, whereas waterways are seen as transitory spaces where one cannot trace a fixed line. Giuditta sees bodies of water not as topographical dividers but as connectors, viewing them as a different environmental order that is less terracentric, less bounded, and in constant motion. This perspective allows her the opportunity to examine our connection to roots and land, thus reimagining the very concept of citizenship. 

For At The Border, Giuditta has focused her research on the Atlantic Ocean’s water columns and seabed, where marine ecology thrives in seemingly uninhabitable hydrothermal vents and even the ocean floor is actively moving. In doing so, Giuditta questions our traditionally held beliefs about fixed territories, belonging, identity, and citizenship, offering a new understanding of life that is always in motion. 

About Giuditta Vendrame:

Giuditta’s work explores the intersections between design, art practice, and legal systems, focusing on citizenship, space and mobility. She looks into the spatial implications of codes and regulations, finding intentional as well as unintended opportunities across and within spatial scales, and making use of different media (film, performance, installations), often to question the opaque nature of laws and regulations and make them debatable.

October 21, 2019
7:00 pm — 9:00 pm
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