Design and Research Seminar on Toxic Tourism vs. Sustainable Leisure

Can we enjoy travel and leisure without harming the environment? During this month’s Design and Research Seminar at A/D/O, we investigated travel as one of our essential human needs. Together with a team of experts in the fields of architecture, anthropology, and sustainability, attendees reassessed today's notions of tourism and leisure in order to speculate on the future of travel and our travel footprint.

This seminar featured a keynote presentation by Vanessa Keith, Architect and Principal at Studioteka and author of 2100: A Dystopian Utopia – the City After Climate Change.

A panel discussion followed with David Charles of Impact Travel Alliance, Paige West of Claire Tow Professor of Anthropology at Barnard College, Allison C. Meier, Writer and Venessa Keith of StudioTEKA. 

This seminar was led and curated by Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun and Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios.


Vanessa Keith - Architect and Principal from StudioTEKA

David Charles - Media Network Lead at Impact Travel Alliance

Paige West - Claire Tow Professor of Anthropology at Barnard College

Allison C. Meier - Brooklyn-based writer focused on visual culture, architecture, and overlooked history. Previously, staff writer at Hyperallergic and senior editor at Atlas Obscura.

October 12, 2018
6:30 pm — 7:30 pm
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