As, Not For

The As, Not For exhibit is an incomplete historical survey of work created by African-American graphic designers over the last century. These practitioners are absent in classroom lectures, and their methods mostly invisible or uncredited in the field. The exhibit promotes the inclusion of neglected methodologies developed by Black designers and challenge the ubiquity of White and anti-Black aesthetics in our designed world. Curated by Jerome Harris

On view in the Atrium at A/D/O by MINI from September 09 - 23.

Featured Workshop:

Join Harris on September 14 for a RISO Printing Workshop that explores themes like power, protest and the celebration of marginalized voices. Tickets are $85 and includes materials, technician and refreshments. Get tickets here.

Featured Designers: 

Buddy Esquire, Phase 2, Emory Douglas, Archie Boston, Grafton Tyler Brown, Emmet McBain, Eugene Winslow, LeRoy Winbush, Reginald Gammon, Art Sims, W.E.B. DuBois, Pen and Pixel, Laini (Sylvia) Abernathy, SunRa, and Cey Adams.


Jerome Harris is a graphic designer originally from New Haven, Connecticut and currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Harris holds an MFA in Graphic Design from Yale University and a BA from Temple University. Harris is the Design Director of Housing Works, a non-profit organization fighting the HIV/AIDS and homelessness crisies in New York City.


Buddy Esquire, 1979

Phase 2, 1978

Emory Douglas, 1971

Archie Boston, 1964

Grafton Tyler Brown, 1875 & 1878

Emmett McBain, 1974

Eugene Winslow, 1980

Leroy Winbush

Reginald Gammon, 1963

Art Sims, 1991

W.E.B. DuBois, 1900

Pen and Pixel x Master P, 1998

Laini (Sylvia) Abernathy, 1964, 1966 & 1968

SunRa, 1972

Cey Adams, 1999

The Afro-American Newspaper, 1895

September 09, 2019
- September 23, 2019

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