The Workspace at A/D/O and GroupHug, offer a series of workshops where participants will build their very own solar charger.

Ever wondered how solar technology works? Krystal Persaud, founder of Grouphug, introduced the science behind solar energy and solar panels, concluding with a guided workshop to build your own solar energy charger.

This event is presented by The Workspace at A/D/O, a coworking space for designers and creative professionals.

In the first half of the event, Krystal discussed the history of solar panels and the formation of the solar energy grid and shared insight on the makeup of the solar panel plus how to measure voltage, current and using a multimeter. After a provided lunch, Krystal led a workshop where each participant will build their very own solar energy charger via rapid prototyping materials. Past attendees have designed solar chargers for dogs, cats, hats and more.

Beginners are welcome and no prior electronics experience is necessary. Ticket includes guided instructions, on-site technicians, supplies and electronic components and provided lunch.


Grouphug is a sustainable technology company based in New York City. Founded in 2018 by industrial designer Krystal Persaud, Grouphug demonstrates how creativity and design can push renewable energy to be more accessible. Grouphug’s flagship product is the Window Solar Charger, a window-mounted solar panel for apartment dwellers to effortlessly charge their devices off-the-grid. Prior to founding Grouphug, Persaud was the Senior Director of Product Design at educational toy company littleBits. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Design from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Read more about Grouphug on The A/D/O Journal here.


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November 10, 2019
12:00 pm — 5:00 pm
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